Whey Cool Helps Boost the Immune System Says Rockwell Nutrition

Proteins and peptides from milk and colostrum can help improve the immune system according to research studies reviewed by Rockwell Nutrition. The term used to refer to this immune boosting capability is ‘immunotropic properties’.

M. Zemicki and J. Artym were curious about the “potential application in prevention and therapy” and conducted a study to find out. The researchers discovered that “preparations derived from milk and colostrum are effective, easily bioaccessible, and safe, finding wide application in prevention and therapy for newborns and adults.”

According to Rockwell Nutrition, other benefits of proteins and peptides from cow’s milk include growth promotion, and bone formation. They also have antibacterial properties and can help protect against intestinal cancer.

Whey Cool

Rockwell Nutrition retails Whey Cool by Genestra Brands. The health website describes the process of making Whey Cool:

“Whey Cool whey is created from fresh raw milk from (non-pesticide treated) grass fed cows (from happy USA Holstein Heifer cows) which have not been treated with antibiotics or growth hormone. This whey is not a by-product from the cheese industry. No animal or alcohol derivatives are used in the manufacturing. They are manufactured in a facility with equipment that does NOT process nuts.”

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