Fiber can save your life

Have you had your fibre today?

If you’ved answered yes, you’ve taken another easy but important step in keeping yourself in good health.

A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gives further evidence that a higher intake of dietary fibre (especially from whole grains and vegetables) may reduce risks of chronic disease.

Previous studies have shown that a high fibre diet is associated with lower mortality but less is known about the association of fibre with specific causes of death other than cardiovascular disease. The researchers looked at data from the EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) study, a large European prospective study of 452,717 men and women, followed over about 12 years.



When they looked at deaths in the population, they were able to show that there were significantly lower rates of death from circulatory, digestive, respiratory and non-cardiovascular non-cancer inflammatory diseases among people who had a higher fibre intake (28 grams or more per day). The associations were stronger for fibre from cereals and vegetables than from fruit.

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