Sexual activity has numerous benefits for your health

We all know there are many benefits of sexual intimacy so let me examine the major health benefits. Many studies have looked at the real health benefits and have found persistently the positive effects. Sexual activity (simple hugs as well as intercourse) lowers blood pressure and is overall heart healthy.

Another benefit is improved immunity. It is known that antibodies to the common cold and other infections increase with sexual activity, leading to an overall increase in resistance.

Sexual activity also burns calories anywhere from 85-150 per 30-minute session. Self-esteem also improves and being naked often in front of another person seems to be a motivating factor to staying in shape.

Deeper intimacy also has many positive hormone effects. Oxytocin is called the love hormone and this is released not only with sexual intimacy but again with simple hugging and cuddling. Oxytocin releases endorphins, the body’s natural morphine chemical, which helps improve pain tolerance. The release of oxytocin and then endorphins helps to control headaches, cramps and other pain situations. Oxytocin also helps improve sleep, overall fitness levels and body image.

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