Blueberries are ‘powerhouse’ fruit

Toronto’s Steve Fry is crazy for blueberries. So much so that he started a campaign to make them Canada’s national fruit.

“They are native to North America and half of the global production of the fruit is Canadian,” says the business consultant. “And they’re so healthy.”

While his four-year-old campaign didn’t get the result he wanted, he’s still convinced the fruit is the nation’s best. He is continuing his blueberry campaign on his website

“I was in Nunavut and saw native women picking something off the tundra. It turned out to be blueberries. I had no idea they grew up there, so they really are a national fruit!”

Canadians should listen to Fry and also to Madonna, who has such a high regard for Canadian blueberries that she has said they are her berry of choice.

“Blueberries are nutritional powerhouses,” says Sun nutrition columnist Fran Berkoff. While one cup of raw blueberries contains 15 mg of vitamin C, 4 grams of fibre and 84 calories, the more important nutritional benefits come from their plant chemicals, which are responsible for their deep blue colour and their antioxidant power.

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